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Become the hero of your story. Take this unique opportunity to meet the dinosaurs, revive the legendary Golem or explore a secret underground lab. The world you choose is up to you.

The Lost Lab

The contact with the Divr Labs mining facility located somewhere in the underground tunnels was lost. No one knows what happened. A special unit consisting of players was sent out to the location. Their task is to find the laboratory in the middle of the facility and restore contact.

Stockholm, London
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Meet the dinosaurs

Go back 80 million years and meet the dinosaurs! Learn the different types and enjoy a breathtaking ride with Pteranodons.

Stockholm, London
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Help bring the infamous Golem to life. Travel back to the magical medieval Prague in our VR arena and crack a series of puzzles by Rabbi Löw.

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1 - 4 players Work together as a team to progress in the game.
1614 sq. ft. large arena Our arena is free roam and safe for you to explore the virtual worlds.
Suitable from 7 y/o Our games are non-violent and great for entire families.
30 minutes of adventure The game itself is 30 minutes long, but the entire experience in our VR arena takes up to 40 minutes.

Virtual reality in a top-class arena

Escape your reality to a virtual world in the palm of your hands. Become the hero of a fascinating story. You will have an unforgettable immersive experience . Thanks to our modern hardware and 150 m2 huge free roam arena you get to experience the adventure with all your senses.

Feel the wind in your hair, chills, or heat from a fire on your skin. Although in our venues you can't tell fantasy from reality, you don't need to worry. VR is a safe experience.

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Hosted my daughter's 8th birthday party at Divr Labs London. We rented entire venue out for the party. Tomáš and his staff were incredible!! Well organized, attentive and knowledgeable staff helped all the children with setup and instructions. Kids were absolutely thrilled with the two VR experiences. Would definitely recommend for a unique and action-packed party. We will be back again. Many thanks to Tomáš at Divr Labs London.

Tarab Kamal

It was a fun and realistic experience - had loads of fun playing with friends 👍

Xujing Yang

I had a lot of fun with my friends!

Kevin Vegda

Absolutely amazing, one of the best experiences in London and you must go. I went with my 7 year old son and he hasn't stopped talking about it.


Came across this yesterday at Westfield shopping Center. We love escape rooms so thought why not try a VR experience. We got a 10% discount code so got 4 tickets @ £29 each. This proved to be really good value as the experience was brilliant. Very immersive. Definitely worth a try if you have an hour spare.


So much fun. Defo recommend for all ages other than babies. A great team the place looks great and the experience is fun. Going back with a bigger group next time!

nida elayan

Really enjoyed this so did the kids, for people moaning about the price think how much this must cost to make plus to have a unit in Westfield don’t be put off by the price well worth it

Bradley Dun

Very enjoyable experience, would definitely recommend to my friends.

Nathaniel Moyo

Excellent adventure. Me & My friends had a lot of fun. Recommend everyone! the staff were also great. :)

Jaykumar Patel

Absolutely amazing ,It was a great experience. The graphics and sound were impressive, the gameplay was engaging, and the social aspect was a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it to others who are looking for a high-quality virtual gaming experience.

Jignesh Prajapati

Really enjoyed our experience here. The game was fun and interesting. We felt like there wasn't enough time to complete some of the challenges with just 2 people, but we would definitely go back again to see if we could beat our own score!

Leanna S

Great experience, definitely coming back for another go 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Mia Davies

This was a very good experience for my brother’s birthday. The views were so realistic! I genuinely felt like I was there! We went as a big group and we all had a great time! Thank you very much 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Felicia Sadiq-Hassan

Played the single player version and thoroughly enjoyed it. Fully immersive experience and a unique showcase of where VR gaming is heading in the future.

Alex Charalambous




Eyado B

Had a great experience from start to end, really good staff who explain everything clearly (and quickly resolved a booking error I made without any fuss or issue), and the game itself was fun and exciting. Fully reccomend it!

Shoaib Qureshi

Really enjoyed my experience at Divr labs. Not only was it entertaining for my two daughters, but also lots of fun for me and my partner. The staff were very welcoming and patient with showing us the ropes. 10/10 would recommend

Emily Jackson

My kids were very excited to experience the dinosaur adventure. Just before the game my youngest started to have doubts if it would be too scary for her but went on to try anyway. Had to exit mid-game unfortunately as it was a bit too much for her but staff were very friendly and reassured her. They have given us two vouchers, so the eldest kid was extremely happy that she can return with a friend.

Yulia Krol

Amazing experience and well managed. It feels real. Rooms, next room, next dimension looks real and amazing. Highly recommended all the time. 100/100

hamad al naqbi

Very nice experience with my son and his friends, all teenagers. We played the Lost Lab, and it's an affordable puzzle adventure with little or no stress. We all enjoyed ourselves a lot. We were there at peak hour along with many other players, so the system got a bit laggy at times but not so much as to destroy the fun. We look forward to going back and trying the other adventures.

MT Elfo (Eldalye)

this is a revision of my initial review, which you can read below. My first experience was very poor, but I have to admit the response I got was very good. I got an invitation to attend the premises again and be shown around. It was explained to me that the issues I encountered were probably due to staff not checking the equipment. I was given the opportunity to participate in one of the upcoming games and I have to admit the experience was much, much better. Definitely something I would recommend. I'm leaving four stars instead of five because I do feel the staff definitely need to step up th...

Eugenie S
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