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Visit us and enjoy an adventure in a 150 m2 large virtual reality arena. Browse our games below to pick your VR experience.

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Over 150 000 happy players
Immersive experience suitable for anyone
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Become the hero of your story. Take this unique opportunity to meet the dinosaurs, revive the legendary Golem or explore a secret underground lab. The world you choose is up to you.

The Lost Lab

The contact with the Divr Labs mining facility located somewhere in the underground tunnels was lost. No one knows what happened. A special unit consisting of players was sent out to the location. Their task is to find the laboratory in the middle of the facility and restore contact.

Stockholm, London
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Meet the dinosaurs

Go back 80 million years and meet the dinosaurs! Learn the different types and enjoy a breathtaking ride with Pteranodons.

Stockholm, London
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1 - 4 players Work together as a team to progress in the game.
1614 sq. ft. large arena Our arena is free roam and safe for you to explore the virtual worlds.
Suitable from 7 y/o Our games are non-violent and great for entire families.
40 minutes of adventure The game itself is 25 minutes long, but the entire experience in our VR arena takes up to 40 minutes.

Virtual reality in a top-class arena

Escape your reality to a virtual world in the palm of your hands. Become the hero of a fascinating story. You will have an unforgettable immersive experience . Thanks to our modern hardware and 150 m2 huge free roam arena you get to experience the adventure with all your senses.

Feel the wind in your hair, chills, or heat from a fire on your skin. Although in our venues you can't tell fantasy from reality, you don't need to worry. VR is a safe experience.

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